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5 Links to Make You Think

February 23, 2013 — 2 Comments
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This post is the first of many posts to come where I share links to interesting articles and thoughts.


5 Marks of a Truly Forgiven Person — Unlocking the Bible shares some powerful thoughts by J.C. Ryle about what a forgiven person looks like. Do these 5 marks describe you?

Send Me Your Short Term Missionaries! — This article from The Gospel Coalition is a breath of fresh air regarding a part of Evangelical Christianity that some love to criticize–short term missions. Missionary Mike Pettengill offers positive reasons to engage in short-term missions and offers a few insights on how to make them most effective.

Black Marriage Matters — This article from the Acton Institute Blog comments on President Obama’s recent words on the importance of promoting marriage and fatherhood in the black community (the context is speaking in Chicago about gun violence). If you scroll halfway down, you will see the powerful findings of a study on the profound impact being a part of a family has on a person’s life. Here is the first finding: “(1) African American boys with married parents are markedly less likely to become delinquent, and they also tend to do better in school.”

ObamaCare and the 29ers — This Wall Street Journal article examines a prevalent side effect of ObamaCare that you will never hear on the news: the rise of part-time jobs (in place of full-time jobs) and the difficulty businesses have in hiring new employees.

From the Archives: The Truth Behind the Blind Men and Elephant Analogy — Do all religions lead to the same place? You may have hard a popular analogy involving several blind men feeling different parts of an elephant explaining this idea. But does this argument break down?

What did you find interesting/challenging? Leave a comment!

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